Nama Chocolate Cake (Whole)

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A treat for your loved one on a chilly Christmas day!

The chilly air these past few days has given us strong Đà Lạt vibes, hasn’t it? Let’s complete the atmosphere by adding some sweets to the mix. Introducing our rich & moist Nama Chocolate Cake. The cake is gluten-free and made from Vietnamese 66% cocoa. The best thing is that this dessert can be served hot or cold

You'll find Nama Chocolate Cake as a very defined and bold dessert if served cold. If you're in the mood for some warm lava chocolate, this cake will instantly impress you with a bitter but comforting taste and texture.

Product Information
Ingredients Chocolate, butter, eggs
Expiry date 5 Days
How to preserve Keep in the fridge
How to enjoy - Enjoy right after taking out of the fridge for served cold
- Microwave for 20 seconds for served hot
Nama Chocolate Cake (Whole)

Nama Chocolate Cake (Whole)


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