As a couple, the best time we spent in Saigon was about discovery, experiment & connect with people living here. A normal day can be total fascinating where you can find pleasant surprises which breath freshness in your everyday life.

As a celebration to the amazing culture experience, we created Banan Bakery & Café with a goal to recreate Japanese’s cakes that originated from Yuki’s memories of her childhood and local ingredients that make Saigon a special place.

If Saigon has touched you similar to the way it touched us, we hope you will find comfort in spend sometimes with Banan cakes to reflect on your journey. Maybe with a friends or your family as the best memories are those that are shared.

All our cakes are freshly made and no preservatives added.  We use local ingredient such as Dalat Milk, Dalat Strawberry, Ba Huan Eggs together with Japanese & French’s in our cakes to make sure the taste is the perfect blend of Vietnam & the World.

Yuki SakamotoDuc Nguyen - GM

Yuki Sakamoto & Duc Nguyen

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